Friday, May 25, 2012

Lauren Oliver has done it again. In her sequel to the Bestselling Delirium, Pandemonium delivers a heart-stopping look at the aftermath of Lena’s destroyed reality. This novel follows Lena as she begins to deal with the loss of her beloved Alex, and the loss of the world she once knew. Lena has to bury the girl she once knew deep into the grounds of the wilds, she has to struggle to adapt to her new life and her new family. Although it took me a while to get into the book, I found that the last half of the book quickly made up for the beginning.

Lauren Oliver has quickly become one of my all time favorite YA authors. Her ability to connect to her audience is both astounding and mesmerizing. In Pandemonium she delivers a story that demonstrates the defiance that has grown inside of Lena that allows her to discover who she is outside of the walls that once confined her. Forbidden love and the ignition of a revolution plow forward and plunge us in the middle of all of it. Pandemonium allows for the reader to watch the development of an already strong main character. We get to watch Lena grow into a very independent and strong young woman.

Lauren, thank you once again for your breathtaking talent and for creating a character that embodies what girls should aspire to: strength, heart and loyalty.

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  1. I've really loved Delirium *_* (And Before I fall by the same author).
    I absolutely want to read Pandemonium!

  2. Pandemonium has a different feel than Delirium but I still love it. And the cliffhanger in the end is torturing. I just can't wait for the release of Requiem. :)

    Great review!