[Series Review] A Touch Mortal/A Touch Morbid/A Touch Menancing

Thursday, April 18, 2013

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My Thoughts
I was lucky enough to be the Newbie for this series on the Epic Reads Community, and I have to say that I am so glad I got to get to know this series. It was a story that was unique and full of flavor that I hadn't seen in YA in a long time.

A Touch Mortal, the first in the series and begins with a subject that is not touched upon very much in YA; Suicide. It is the central plot device that pushes this series forward, and I love that it was dealt with respect and the characters did not brush over it like it was just something that happened. It meant something, and it lasted throughout the entire series. Which was awesome.

The characters in this series were some of favorites because of their banter and the way they see the world. They all know what is happening and what is at stake, yet they still have time to laugh and let sarcasm roll from their lips. They knew the reality and still found the silver lining at time.

The end of this series was heartbreaking and needed to happen. Although there were a lot of deaths, and I mean A LOT, it added so much more emotion to the series and allowed it to become more than I ever thought it could. There was one death that broke me, and if you have read A Touch Menacing then you know the one I mean. I undertsand why it needed to happen, and I respect Leah Clifford for going againts the norm and not having a happily ever after. It made the end that much more realistic.

If you haven't picked up this series please do, It is probably one of the  most unquiet stories I ave read and you will not be disappointed!

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  1. These books always catch my eye because their covers really pop but I've never actually took the time to see what they're about. I had no idea they dealt with suicide. I definitely want to give them a shot sometime in the future.