The Loop- Guest Post by Shandy Lawson

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Title: The Loop
Author: Shandy Lawson
Format: Hardcover, 208 pages
Genre: YA, Science Fiction
Publication Date: April 30, 2013
Publisher: Hyperion

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Ben and Maggie have met, fallen in love, and died together countless times. Over the course of two pivotal days—both the best and worst of their lives—they struggle again and again to resist the pull of fate and the force of time itself. With each failure, they return to the beginning of their end, a wild road trip that brings them to the scene of their own murders and into the hands of the man destined to kill them.

As time circles back on itself, events become more deeply ingrained, more inescapable for the two kids trapped inside the loop. The closer they come to breaking out, the tighter fate’s clutches seem to grip them. They devise a desperate plan to break free and survive the days ahead, but what if Ben and Maggie’s only shot at not dying is surviving apart?



I thought that, given the name of this blog, I'd talk a bit about my own reading habits. Now, I don't know if I'd call myself a reading addict, but I'm certainly an enthusiast and have been since I was very little.

The first book I remember reading on my own was The Pokey Little Puppy. The characters were solid but the story was predictable, to say the least. Of course, that didn't stop me from reading it over and over.

The first "real" book I read after that was The Hardy Boys: The Tower Treasure, followed quickly by fifty or so more Hardy Boys books. And yes, it took me fifty books before I realized they were all actually the same story: The boys stumble onto a mystery, they get kidnapped, things look grim and then their friend Chet bails them out of trouble at the last minute and the bad guys are apprehended by the local police.

After The Hardy Boys, I went through a phase where I only read "classics," having been given a set of them for my birthday, or maybe it was Christmas. At any rate, I plowed through Ivanhoe, Huckleberry Finn, Gulliver's Travels, Black Beauty... I figure I understood about half of what I was reading at the time. But I loved the books, and I still reread those stories from time to time. I recently finished Treasure Island for the fourth or fifth time, and it still surprises me what a great book that is, every time.

High school was a weird time. I read a lot of poetry then, as I still do now. I remember really being into Yeats, though I'm not that into him these days. And I wore out a volume of poetry by Jim Morrison, the guy from The Doors–– which, looking back, wasn't really very good, but it inspired me to write so I suppose it did its job.

I spent a decade after graduation reading Clive Cussler books. I'm a sucker for Cussler, though my interest never migrated towards the other adventure/espionage authors. Oh, and Stephen King. I read lots of King, and I feel pretty confident in my advice to aspiring writers that one can learn an awful lot about the craft of storytelling and the mechanics of writing by reading The Stand. Or pretty much any of his other ones. But really, read The Stand if you haven't yet done so. Go, do it now, and then come back and finish reading my rambling post about what I like to read.

So I might have skipped a few years in there, but we'll wrap it up with present-day. Right now I'm into what most just call "the weird stuff," books that (quite literally) have no characters and plot, books with chapters that can be read in any random order, books you have to read upside down from time to time. I don't like weird for the sake of being weird, but I do enjoy interesting. And at the moment my very favorite interesting book is called House of Leaves, and it was written by an excellent fellow named Mark Z. Danielewski. I've had my picture taken with him, and in the photo I look like a pre-teen girl who's just met Beibs. Which is pretty much how I felt.

And to get really precise, what I'm reading this very minute, or at least what I'll be reading tonight, is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.

And you? What are your favorite books? I'm interested to hear about them, so put it down in the comments section below. Happy reading!

I want to thank Shandy Lawson for stopping by and be sure to pick up The Loop! In stores now!

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