Top Ten Tuesday- Movie Editon!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the awesome The Broke & The Bookish!
This weeks topic is: Top Ten Movie Adaptations
 I know people don't like some of these movies, but honestly they are so entertaining and for what they did, I loved them.

 This has been one of my Fav books for a long time and honestly this movie is perfection. If anyone tried to duplicate it I honestly think it would fail. 

I know a lot of people has issues with this movie but for the length of the book, I think they put so much detail into it. And plus I have a huge girl crush on Rachel McAdams :D

This is one of the only instances where I thought the movies was better than the book. I have so much love for this movie that I will watch it over and over again.

I loved these movies, and I will say that they are some of my favorite movies ever made.

 I loved this book before all the hype happened but this movie was so bad. I loved it at the time it released but watching it again makes me hurl a little. 

Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon? NO JUST NO.

This was a pretty bad book, but seeing the movie, it made the book look like a bestseller. 

This was the first comic book I ever read, and honestly this movie did not do it justice at all. 

Everything was wrong with this movie...EVERYTHING!

Here are some that I am looking forward to:


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  1. I liked The Notebook movie more than the book, too! I also put Angels and Demons on my worst list. I remember thinking that I should be annoyed by the Golden Compass movie but I had read the book ages before watching the movie so I couldn't remember details. Good list!