[Blog Tour Review + Q&A] Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Title: Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl
Author: Emily Pohl Weary
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Format: Hardcover, 304 pages
Release Date: September 24, 2013
Publisher: Razorbill Canada
Source: ARC received by publisher for honest review

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Eighteen-year-old rock star Sam Lee isn’t like other girls. She’s the super-talented bass player and songwriter for an all-girl indie band and an incurable loner. Then one night after a concert in Central Park, she’s attacked by a “wild dog.” Suddenly, this long-time vegetarian is craving meat—the bloodier, the better. Sam finds herself with an unbelievable secret and no one she trusts to share it. So begin the endless lies to cover up the hairy truth ... When a new girl gang appears in the city—with claws and paws—Sam suspects there’s a connection to her own inner beast. Trapped in a tug-of-war between her animal and human selves, forced to choose between the guy who sparks her carnal appetite and the one who makes her feel like a normal teenage girl, Sam has to unravel the mysteries of the werewolf world before her bandmates, the media, and her mother catch up to her.

I was so excited to be asked to be a part of this blog tour and to review Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl. Not only was I excited that the author was Canadian (YAY!) but it also had to do with the fact that this book was about werewolves that were also rock stars!

Sam was a great character from the very beginning. Her voice was real and authentic. She is the mastermind behind her underground band that has just gotten a following and she is struggling with all the different personalities surrounding her. There are her band mates that seem to care more about fame then what is actually going on, and then there is the guy who Sam has liked for a long time, who now professes his interest. If that wasn't enough, she gets attacked in the park one night, and after that she starts having weird cravings for meat (and since she is a vegetarian this is weird) she blacks out occasionally and new and interesting boy is telling her he can help with the cravings and explain everything.

This book was great fun to read. Honestly I was laughing out loud at certain instances because the dialogue was spot on. The characters were fabulous because they were all different and therefore brought something new and interesting to the story. What I think I loved mist was the mystery aspect of the story that was a secondary plot line at the beginning of the story but then became the sole focus at the end. I thought that was very well done and brought a lot of tension to the end.

The only issue I had was the end. I thought that it was rushed and I thought that there could have been more explanation as t why it all happened and what will come next. I wanted a little bit more closure than I received but for an author who does not normally wrote for this genre, Emily did a fantastic job grabbing my attention, making me feel for her character and making me keep reading until the story was over. A great fun read for paranormal lovers!

What is it about the paranormal genre that attracts you and makes you want to write in that genre? Especially knowing how many authors write it and how many different variations it can have.

I grew up reading fantasy and magical realism – my grandfather Frederik Pohl is in his nineties and has been writing science fiction since he was in his teens – so it feels as natural as to me breathing. I’m always seeing monsters lurking in dark alleys and picture them bounding up misty hills. Some might say (and have said) I have an overactive imagination. When Sam sprang into my mind, I got really excited. I had a quote rattling in my head that goes something like: “We have seen the monster, and it is us.” Since I’m rather obsessed by the teen years, I started to imagine this shy, artsy girl who gets bit by a wolf and begins to act erratically. Her hairy monster self is a reflection of the inner changes. 

Thanks so much Emily!!!

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