[eARC Review] Darkest Fear by Cat Teirnan

Monday, January 13, 2014

Title: Darkest Fear
Authors: Cate Tiernan
Series: Birthright #1
Genre: YA Shifter, Paranormal
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Source: eARC provided by publisher in exchange for honest review

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Vivi’s animal instincts are her legacy—and maybe her downfall—in this start to a romantic fantasy series that will appeal to fans of The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

Vivi has known the truth about her family—and herself—since she was thirteen. But that doesn’t mean she’s accepted it. Being Haguari isn’t something she feels she’ll ever accept. How can she feel like anything but a freak knowing that it’s in her genes to turn into a jaguar?

Now eighteen, Vivi’s ready to break away from the traditions of her heritage. But all of that changes with the shocking, devastating deaths of her parents and the mysteries left behind. Vivi discovers family she never even knew she had, and a life open with possibility. New friends, new loyalties, and even romance all lay ahead—but so do dangers unlike anything Vivi ever could have imagined.

I love Cate Tiernan, so I was really excited to read this next book of hers. And when I saw that it had to do with Shifters, I was really excited. I have always loved these kinds of books and I knew since this one was a little different (dealing with Jaguars) that it had so much potential. But sadly this one fell very short of my expectations.

Darkest Fear follows Vivi as she navigates life after her parents are killed and she is left to fend for herself. She soon discovers a secret family that she did not know she had and travels to meet them. It is while she is there that the real story begins. And I have to say that it took way too long to get to the actual story. I was reading and wondering when the story was going to start because there was a lot fo explaining to do about family and myths etc, but I found like it was too much info dumping at the beginning and it really removed me from the actual story.

The one aspect that saved this book for me, a little, was the romance between Vivi and Rafe, because it was fast, hot and heavy, but over before it even began. What I think frustrated me the most was that Rafe kept saying "we can't be together, I can't explain it..." and this question NEVER got answered! I think that was the most frustrated part because that was the reason I kept reading, I wanted to know why they could not be together and if he was in fact a shifter himself. But I might never find out now.

Another frustrating part for me was Vivi's best friends Jennifer. She infruated me to no ends because she was so selfish. She was mad that Vivi left and went to her new family, she was mad that she wouldnt come home, even after Vivi explained that there were too many memories and it was too hard for her. Then she complains to no end about how much she hates College even though she had only been there a few months. I wanted to scream at her that she needs to grow a backbone and learn to live on her own and be hr own person. But I guess she didn't get the memo.

The only redeeming quality was Vivi's new family. I loved them because they were such great friends to her and pushed Vivi to be a better person and to explore new sides of herself.  But unfortunately those characters could not redeem this book for me. It was very disappointing read for me, and I really do not know if I will read the next book.

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