[eARC Review] The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings

Monday, June 09, 2014

Title: The Murder Complex
Author: Lindsay Cummings
Series: The Murder Complex #1
Genre: YA Dystopian Adventure
Format: Hardcover, 400 pages
Release Date: June 10th 2014
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Source: eARC received from publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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An action-packed, blood-soaked, futuristic debut thriller set in a world where the murder rate is higher than the birthrate. For fans of Moira Young’s Dust Lands series, La Femme Nikita, and the movie Hanna.

Meadow Woodson, a fifteen-year-old girl who has been trained by her father to fight, to kill, and to survive in any situation, lives with her family on a houseboat in Florida. The state is controlled by The Murder Complex, an organization that tracks the population with precision.

The plot starts to thicken when Meadow meets Zephyr James, who is—although he doesn’t know it—one of the MC’s programmed assassins. Is their meeting a coincidence? Destiny? Or part of a terrifying strategy? And will Zephyr keep Meadow from discovering the haunting truth about her family?

I have to admit that I have been getting tired the Dystopian genre as of late, and had a few reservations about reading The Murder Complex because I was worried that it would be just like any other dystopian book out there. And at the beginning I thought I was right because i saw remnants of Divergent all over, but honestly once I got to the middle I was hooked and man did it get good!

I really can't say much about this book because it will give it away, and I seriously do not want to do that so I will just talk about certain characters and vague events, cause I like to tease like that!

Meadow and Zephyr are our two narrators and I will say that I did not get why we had two narrators ta the beginning, but honestly as the book went on I really liked the two perspectives, especially Zephyr. He became such an interesting character as the novel progressed. It was extremely interesting how he grew from one type of character to another in the span of 100 or so pages. Meadow herself was a great character from the very beginning because she was everything I love in a Heroine. She was fierce, strong and independent and was not afraid to fend for herself. She was kind of like a mixture of Tris and Katniss and I loved it.

The story progresses a bit slowly in the beginning but they goes to hyper drive in the middle. I loved how much happened once a secret was revealed and how much I needed to keep reading when I got to once specific part. I seriously could not stop reading, and I especially loved that the chapters got very short as the book got more and more intense which was great for me because I LOVE short chapters and i think it added to the intensity of the story.

The end. Now I was not really a fan of what went down and a certain character and the way they acted. But i thought it added an extra umph to the next book. I really want to know what happens and the reveal that happens at the end was a shocker to me and I loved how it made this whole series a little more complicated. I seriously cannot wait for the next book!

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