A Tiny Hiatus

Monday, November 03, 2014

Hello everyone!

Some very big news has grasped my life in the last few weeks, and it has made blogging very difficult for the time being. First of all I got a new JOB!!!! This is big news considering I was unemployed for over 10 months so that was a time in my life that although was extremely hard, was also extremely beneficial to me because it showed me that I am strong enough to handle a situation like that. So the job is quite amazing and I love it already, but the thing it it drains me and so I am finding it very hard to concentrate on reading itself let alone blogging.

Another aspect of my life that has changed is my husband and I are moving into a townhouse! We are renting for now until we save enough money to buy our own house....BUT this is the first time since I was 3 that I have lived in a house! I am super excited and cannot wait to move in. And how may you ask does this invade my blogging time? well we are moving on November 25th, so that is less than a month away, so my spare time is dedictaed to packing and orginzing my very small condo. So sadly I have little time to read or blog in the coming weeks.

AND THEN ITS CHRISTMAS! So needless to say, I will have little time to dedictae to the blog until the new year. Hopefully I will be able to post some reviews here and there and I will always be around on twitter to chat books! But as for posting regularly that will have to wait until 2015!

Have a great next few months!

Talk soon!

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  1. So much exciting news!! Congrats on the job! And yay for moving! I say that having no experience with moving, except moving into my first house out of my parent's house, so there were a lot less "things" to move ... I can't even imagine doing it now. Good luck with all of your packing! And happy Christmas to you, too! I hope you have a good holiday season!