[eARC Review] Twisted Fate by Norah Olson

Monday, January 19, 2015

Title: Twisted Fate
Author: Norah Olson
Series: Standalone
Genre: YA Contemporary
Format: Hardcover, 272 pages
Release Date: January 20th, 2015
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Source: eARC received from publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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When Alyson meets Graham Copeland, the new boy next door, she instantly feels like he’s a kindred spirit—shy and awkward like her, someone who has trouble making friends. It’s impossible to resist having a crush on him. 

As usual, her sister, Sydney, sees things differently. In Sydney's mind, Graham's odd personality and secretive past scream psychopath, not sweetheart. Her gut is telling her to stay away from him, and to protect a love-struck Alyson from her own naïveté. But despite her instincts, Sydney is surprised to realize that a part of her is drawn to Graham, too. 

And the more Sydney gets to know him, the more she realizes just how right—and wrong—she is about everything.

Perfect for fans of Michelle Hodkin, and E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars,Twisted Fate is an unputdownable novel, teeming with suspense.

When I saw this cover I was in love. I loved the way it was set up and it just made me want to pick up this book, without knowing what this book was about. I usually always go into books blind, that way I have no expectations when it comes to what i am going to read. But sometimes that backfires on me, and unfortunately that is what happened with Twisted Fate. I went in blind when I should have read what this book was about.

I will admit that I really liked the mystery behind all the character, it made me finish the book to the very end, Sydney and Alyson were interesting character but it was Graham that kept me reading. He was a mystery from the beginning and I liked that he had a secret that no one knew of. I just wish the author had not written his perspective into the plot because I feel like it took away from his mystery and I sort of figured out his secret before it was time. And I think that had to do with the fact that his perspective kind of told me what happened without meaning to. I just wish that the reveal of what happened in Graham's past was better set up. Although I kind of knew what happened i still felt like a bit cheated. It felt rushed and a little anti-climactic, although it did make him seem more creepy and more disturbed than before, I still think it could have been done in different way that could have been better explained.

Throughout most of the book I did feel quite disconnected from these characters. I wanted to feel for them, for their situation but something was holding me back. I had to stake in their stories and I felt nothing for them and that was my biggest reason for giving this book the rating I did. The characters just did not do it for me. Sydney and Alyson fought all the time and their relationship was more volatile than I would have liked. They were sisters and I felt like they had none of that in their characters, although the truth at the end of the book explained all of this I still felt like it made no sense when I was reading. I had no idea why they didn't get along, there was really no back story, and the only reason I could see was that they were just very different people. Sydney was a loner and a bit goth and Alyson was the exact opposite. To me this was not a good reason for them to dislike each other so much. The other aspect of their relationship that I had a huge problem with was their relationship with Graham. I hate when characters fight over the same guy, especially when I see no likable quality in that guy. That was the situation for me with these characters. I just did not understand why they liked him or why they were fighting over him in the first place.

The end of this book was very interesting to me. I did not see the twist coming and I thought it explained a lot of what was going on throughout the book. I just wish that there was more explanation as to why it happened and what it all meant. We are kind of left in the dark at teh end of the book saying "okayyyy what now?" I felt a bit left out and I just wish that the ending had answered more questions then what was left.

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