Friday, May 25, 2012

Eve by Anna Carey was released in early October of last year. It follows a young girl named Eve who lives within the confines of an all girls school. The plague has hit and the mass population has been eliminated. On the night before her graduation, Eve discovers the sicking truth about her future. Summoning every ounce of strength she has, she defies her duty and runs away. Through the unforgiving veil of the wilderness Eve meets Caleb, a strong, kind boy who seems to connect with her on a level she never expected. Through their journey together they will have to decide whether to choose life or face the truth.

It has been a while since I have read a Dystopian YA novel, and I have to say I was glad I started back with this one, because it was very well done. Eve was a strong willed girl who has to deal with issues that a girl her age shouldn’t have to face, and yet, that is part of its charm. Anna Carey has an ability to write tragedy in a way that passes through you as a reader. There are points within this book that tear at your heart and leave you wondering if Eve could take any more, or if a normal human being could take much more.The prose flows nicely and her characters are vivid and real.

Although in my review on Goodreads I gave it 3 stars, it is only because I found a large amount of potential within it, and the series can only get better with time.

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  1. I want to read this book. On my TBR list already. I interested with the story and the cover. Reading your review, I think I'll read it soon.

    Thanks for the review.