[Excerpt] Swift by Heather London

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 As part of the Swift Tour I am giving you an excerpt of the book!

Here is the excerpt for Swift!

Excerpt 1:
After a few seconds, I looked right and left and saw the street was deserted. Just as I was about to step off the curb, something caught my eye. Or should I say, someone. There on the opposite corner a guy was standing facing me. It was weird, because I could feel the stare that he held on me. My eyes drifted toward him, and when our eyes met, his stare did not waver in the least. A shiver ran down my spine when I realized that I did not recognize him either. He was tall, maybe six feet or so and had blonde hair. His athletic build reminded me of most of our football players at school. I couldn’t make out much more detail because of the distance separating us. Our eyes were locked together for a few seconds, only interrupted by the beeping of the crosswalk, letting me know it was my turn to cross. I shook my head as if to wake myself up from a dream, and without thinking twice about it, I stepped off the curb and into the street. And that’s when I heard it—the horrible sound of tires screeching, trying their hardest to stop. But by the time I looked to my right, it was too late. I couldn’t have moved out of the path of the car even if my frozen legs could’ve moved—there was just no time. The only thing I could do was shut my eyes tight, hope it would be quick, and pray the pain would be slight. Then everything went totally silent, so silent that I could hear my ears ringing and my heart pounding loud against my chest.
About a second later, a second past when I thought I would be road kill, I slightly opened my right eye and gasped at what I saw. The car was still in front of me, but it was moving in very slow motion. I mean, like molasses coming out of a bottle slow. Everything around me felt weird, different. I looked around, wondering if maybe the car had already hit me and this was just a cruel part of the afterlife or something, making me watch in slow motion how I died.



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