Catalog Creepin' #2: Penguin Edition

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Catalog Creepin'
Penguin Edition

Catalog Creepin' is a meme that I found thourgh Jamie at the Pertetual Page Turner and its a way for me to highlight some of the books that I am looking forward to! This week is: PENGUIN! so beware, there are a lot :)

Proxy by Alex London

I have had my eye on this book for a long time, it has every element that I love in a book. Science Fiction elements combined with mystery and suspicion. Sounds amazing!!

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

I have loved Rachel Hawkins for a very long time and this new series sounds really fun and exciting! Set in the south, this series takes us on a journey of prophecies, love and mystery! What else could you ask for?

The Theory of Everything by Kari Luna

I am usually not much of a Contemporary reader, but this one sounds really interesting! Combining mental health issues and science is a new and interesting way to write YA fiction and I can't wait to read this one!

The Hidden Summer by Gin Phillips

I am really starting to want to read more Middle Grade fiction and this ones sounds really interesting. Its about two best friends who are told not to see each other again because of a fight between their mothers. I love these types of discovery of self type novels :)

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Tucholke

This one is on most people's TBR piles for the spring/Summer and I am no different. The cover is gorgeous and the premise is right up my ally. I mean the tag line says: "You stop fearing the devil when you’re holding his hand…" who wouldn't want to read this?

Our Song by Jordanna Fraiberg

Another semi-contemporary! The reason I put Semi is because it has an element of supernatural because after the main character gets into a car accident she keeps hearing this melody in her head, and she has to find out what it means. Doesn't that sounds awesome?!

 The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is a must buy for me because her novels always take me on an emotional run and I love that. Since I havent read her in a long time, I am really looking forward to this one!

And the new covers are awesome BTW!

Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike

I love Aprilynne Pike and all of her novels, so this one is no exception. I always love a good books about a secret past and tragedy. Can't wait to read this one!

The Circle by

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  1. Proxy and Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea sound fantastic and of course I am so excited for Belladonna!

    1. I feel like Penguin has ALL THE BOOKS this summer haha It was hard for me to narrow it down to this many!

  2. I see some very interesting books, but if I have to pick one, I'm going with Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Pretty cover and the blurb sounds great.

    1. Right? I have been eying that book for months now! Can't wait til it releases!