[eARC Review] Just Like Fate

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Title: Just Like Fate
Author: Cat Patrick & Suzanne Young
Genre: YA, Alternate Universe
Release Date: August 27, 2013
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Source: eARC provided by publisher via edelweiss for honest review

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Caroline is at a crossroads. Her grandmother is sick, maybe dying. Like the rest of her family, Caroline's been at Gram's bedside since her stroke. With the pressure building, all Caroline wants to do is escape--both her family and the reality of Gram's failing health. So when Caroline's best friend offers to take her to a party one fateful Friday night, she must choose: stay by Gram's side, or go to the party and live her life.

The consequence of this one decision will split Caroline's fate into two separate paths--and she's about to live them both.

Friendships are tested and family drama hits an all-new high as Caroline attempts to rebuild old relationships, and even make a few new ones. If she stays, her longtime crush, Joel, might finally notice her, but if she goes, Chris, the charming college boy, might prove to be everything she's ever wanted.

Though there are two distinct ways for her fate to unfold, there is only one happy ending...

I feel like alternate universes are the new "it" plot line and I have to say that I am A-OK with that. There are so many things to explore with that plot line and I have to say that I really liked what Cat Patrick and Susanne Young did in Just Like Fate.

This book is in no way paranormal, which I loved. It does not go into alternate universes in the traditional sense. It takes what we know about this type of book and strips it down to its bare minimum. We meet Caroline just as she finds out her Grandmother is dying and one night she has the option to either stay with her family and her grandmother, or go out with friends. And it is here where the real story begins and the authors genius reveals itself. This story is both of those stories rolled into one. In alternating chapters we follow Caroline on each journey and they are both extremely touching and heartwarming.

What I think I loved about this story was its message. That even if you are faced with a difficult choice in your life, and it feels like one is better than the other. It is not. You have to follow what you feel in that moment and everything will turn out alright. Caroline's character was brilliant. She was selfish at times, but also showed extreme love towards her family and especially her grandmother.

This book was an amazing read, and I loved every second of it. The love story, well both love stories were great catalysts for each other and I loved that both drew out the same emotions in Caroline's character. Within both of these relationships she had her character never changed and I loved that. She was always true to who she was and what she loved and that was very apparent at the end of the novel. Which, by the way I loved. If you read this book you will smile from ear to ear at the end because it is just perfect, and you don't even think its what you want until you see it and then you realize just how perfect an ending it is. Brilliant.

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  1. I really enjoyed this one - I thought the authors did a fantastic job keeping it all realistic without going 'too paranormal'.

    And that ending was fabulous!