Why I thought TMI was a great movie

Monday, August 26, 2013

Now, last Friday I went with a friend from work to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and I was extremely excited. I was fangirling inside and out, and I was very interested in what the director had come up with. And since there seems to be very polarizing views on whether people liked the movie or not, I thought it would be interesting to give my opinion on why I thought the movie was a success.

1. Its not the Book, its a movie
Now I know many readers are going to argue with me on this one but seriously? It s just a movie, and no it will not be the exact same as the book, that is IMPOSSIBLE. If you created a book word for word into a film, 1. it would be like 4 hours long and kinda boring, and 2. the amount of the story that revolves around Clary's thoughts would not translate into film very well. Would you want to have the whole movie have a voice over? No, I didn't think so.

I said the same thing with the Harry Potter franchise. The books were amazing and I loved them. But I also loved the movies for what they represented. They were a version of the story told through someone else's eyes. They are different from the books yes, but honestly I thought that the changes worked for the medium. Take for example the final fight scenes between Voldemort and Harry in Deathly Hallows Part 2. This part was not in the book at all! And yet that fight scene was probably one of my favourite parts of the final movie, because it made sense for the Movie. It was entertaining and worked well. The same same goes for TMI. Although they may have changed certain things, you never know, it might be part of an overreaching plan for the whole series. Was the movie itself entertaining, hell yes! So why does the fact that it differs from the book a little so bad?

2. The acting was phenomenal
I have to say that Jamie and Lily were probably the best two people for the roles of Jace and Clary. Although I could have used a little more meat on Jamie so he didn't like he was going to blow away. But Lily was perfection. She captured everything I thought Clary would represent. Her love for her family and ultimately for Jace was beautiful to watch. Now, I know many people have not been a fan of Jamie playing Jace, but I thought he was perfect. There will never be a time when a character that is chosen is exactly what you thought they looked like in your mind, and you have to remember that Cassandra Clare picked JAIME! so in her eyes he is her Jace. That being said i thought that Jamie did an amazing job capturing the essence of who Jace was a character and his struggle for control of himself and his beliefs.
The secondary characters were touch and go for me, like for example, I thought the guy who played Magnus looked exactly like I thought he would, but the acting was second par to the main cast.  But honestly he had such a small part in the film that it made little to no effect on my enjoyment of the movie.

3. Calm down it is just a movie 
This is more for the fans that are really angry at the movie. Please calm down. It is a movie not the end of the world. And do not blame the actors for anything that in your mind seems wrong. How are they supposed to know what YOU are thinking? They took direction from reading the same books as you and from talking to both the director AND the author herself. Like I said, it is a movie based on the book, not a movie made word for word from the book. So calm down and watch it with an open mind and you might see something you missed earlier. You might see that underneath all the actors and sets, it is quite an entertaining movie that will ultimately become a blockbuster series that will rival the best out there. Will all the movies satisfy readers? no of course not, but they are not supposed to. They are supposed to entertain and subject people to new and interesting stories, and this one just happens to have a following that rivals Twilight, Harry Potter and Hunger Games. 

What did you think of the film? Do you agree disagree with what I said above? Let me know!

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