[ARC Review] Rain of Ghosts by Greg Weisman

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Title: Rain of Ghosts
Author: Greg Weisman
Series: Rain Cacique #1
Genre: YA Paranormal, Ghosts
Release Date: December 3rd, 2013
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Source: ARC received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Rain of the Ghosts is the first in Greg Weisman's series about an adventurous young girl, Rain Cacique, who discovers she has a mystery to solve, a mission to complete and, oh, yes, the ability to see ghosts.

Welcome to the Prospero Keys (or as the locals call them: the Ghost Keys), a beautiful chain of tropical islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. Rain Cacique is water-skiing with her two best friends Charlie and Miranda when Rain sees her father waiting for her at the dock. Sebastian Bohique, her maternal grandfather, has passed away. He was the only person who ever made Rain feel special. The only one who believed she could do something important with her life. The only thing she has left to remember him by is the armband he used to wear: two gold snakes intertwined, clasping each other’s tails in their mouths. Only the armband . . . and the gift it brings: Rain can see dead people. Starting with the Dark Man: a ghost determined to reveal the Ghost Keys’ hidden world of mystery and mysticism, intrigue and adventure.

I will be honest when I say the cover of this book drew me to read it. I usually read the synopsis first and make sure I will like the book, but this time I did things a little opposite. And I will say that I was surprised with what I found. I am not going to say I loved this book, but I will say that I liked it a lot more than I anticipated.

Rain of Ghosts is about a young girl named Rain who lives on the edge of Bermuda Triangle, and has this knack for seeing ghosts. It is only when her grandfather dies that everything seems to unravel and she soon discovers that she has a very large mystery to solve, and those ghosts i was telling you about? Well they are at the heart of it.

This is not a long book, maybe just over 200 pages, but I will say that it started off extremely slow. I was confused for most of the book because the narrators are not the main characters. They are outside of the story and are telling us what they see. If I could chose, I would want a first person take on this story, I just thought it would have made me connect more with the main character, Rain. I felt a disconnect with her for the entire book, and I really wish I could have felt something for her.

the mystery. Here is something I loved while reading this book. I was so captivated by the ghosts and their reason for appearing that it kept me reading and reading. But, sadly once I figured out the reasoning behind it, I was not as enthusiastic. I wanted more, and what I felt was deflated. I wanted so much more than I was given. i felt like the reveal was not as exciting as the lead up was, and the bad guy? Seriously did not feel that scared of him. And that took something out of this book for me.

Sadly this was not my favorite book, and I honestly do not know if I will continue with this series in the coming years. There was just not enough stamina for me to continue and the characters just were not as captivating as I would have hoped. Sadly I was very disappointed with this one. 

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you didn't care for this one. It's on my TBR pile and I had high hopes for it