[eARC Review] Warrior by Ellen Oh

Monday, December 30, 2013

Title: Warrior
Author: Ellen Oh
Series: The Dragon King Chronicles #2
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: December 31, 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Source: eARC provided by publisher in exchange of an honest review

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First an outcast, now a hero.

But her fight rages on.

Kira, the yellow-eyed demon slayer who fiercely protected her kingdom—and the crown prince—has been proclaimed the Dragon Musado of the prophecy. With the defeated the evil shaman.

But it wasn’t enough.

Hansong is in chaos. The Demon Lord’s minions have infiltrated the city, treason is brewing among the military ranks, and Kira is buried by the overwhelming loss of her parents. She’s also plagued by the annoying feelings that blossom whenever she’s around Jaewon. But she is determined that nothing will stop her from finding the second treasure needed to fulfill the Dragon King’s prophecy. Not even the army of half-breed demons hot on their trail. If only she could learn to trust others…

Her father always said one person can change the world. Will it be Kira?

I am going to preface this review by saying, yes I did read the first book in this series (Prophecy) and yes, I did love it. But, going into this book I remembered next to nothing about the first book, which in my opinion hindered my liking of this book.

Warrior pretty starts off right where Prophecy ended (or so I think), and I have to say, this book let me down a bit. Since this book was a sequel and all the history and back story were covered in the first book, I thought there would be more action, at least earlier than when it finally arrived. Honestly I felt a little confused and bored at the beginning because I didn't know what was going on and the characters were getting confused in my head.

This book is what I would call a bridge book. Considering this is a trilogy I know that all the action will appear in the last book as kind of a "final stand." But I was still looking for something that would help me connect with the story. I will admit that there were certain parts in the middle that I could not stop reading, they were very captivating and I loved it. But then I would come to another part that slowed the pace down and i began to lose interest.

Names of  characters are very important because they are the basis of how a reader connects with them. And I am all for Foreign names, hell my name is unpronounceable to most people! But in Warrior I found that because I am not familiar with that culture, the names (and the quantity of them) was overwhelming. I found myself getting confused with character names and wondering if I accidentally mixed them up or if I just forgot them all together. I felt like I was missing out on a lot of minor details because I kept forgetting things and connections from the first book.

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  1. I think that any sort of fantasy book (or epic story) should come with a character guide in the front. They're such big stories and there are so many players. It doesn't help that I'm bad with names in real life. So I totally feel your pain