[eARC Review] Mortal Danger by Ann Aguirre

Monday, August 18, 2014

Title: Mortal Danger
Author: Ann Aguirre
Series: Immortal Game #1
Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy
Format: Hardcover, 372 pages
Release Date: August 5th 2014
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Source:  eARC received from publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

In Ann Aguirre's Mortal Danger, Edie Kramer has a score to settle with the beautiful people at Blackbriar Academy. Their cruelty drove her to the brink of despair, and four months ago, she couldn’t imagine being strong enough to face her senior year. But thanks to a Faustian compact with the enigmatic Kian, she has the power to make the bullies pay. She’s not supposed to think about Kian once the deal is done, but devastating pain burns behind his unearthly beauty, and he’s impossible to forget.

In one short summer, her entire life changes and she sweeps through Blackbriar, prepped to take the beautiful people down from the inside. A whisper here, a look there, and suddenly . . . bad things are happening. It’s a head rush, seeing her tormentors get what they deserve, but things that seem too good to be true usually are, and soon, the pranks and payback turns from delicious to deadly. Edie is alone in a world teeming with secrets and fiends lurking in the shadows. In this murky morass of devil’s bargains, she isn’t sure who—or what—she can trust. Not even her own mind.


This book was very high on my TBR list because the cover was amazing and I am a sucker for books set in a boarding school. So when I got the chance to review this book I was super excited. But sadly this book fell short for me because it was nothing like what I expected.

The beginning of the book started off on a weird foot when we watch as our main character, Edie try and kill herself by jumping off a bridge, but then Kian shows up, saves her and changes her life. What I think I had the most trouble with in this book was the fact that it was centered around beauty and how if you are not as pretty as someone else you will not be noticed kind of irked me. And the fact that Edie could not get her revenge on those that made fun of her until she was as pretty as them made me question her a character. I understood her motives but then again I did not like the way she handled it in the end.

There was a great mystery element to the boo which I loved and it involved students disappearing and ending up dead, and for me that was a large part of why i kept reading it because I wanted to know what was happening to these characters and if it was in any way connected to Edie and Kian. And Kian. In the beginning I thought Edies "love" for him was a little too much too fast and I kept rolling my eyes at them, but as the story moved forward it kind of grew on me and I liked them together even though it felt a little forced.

Overall I liked Mortal Danger but in the end I was left with more questions than answers and I couldn't really connect with the character because I didn't feel like they were genuine enough for me to connect with. Mortal Danger was an interesting read with many intriguing qualities but in the end it just wasn't for me.

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